adl_adInstall not work

Hello All!

Is anybody use adl_adInstall function?

My problem is:
I successfully download a new version of my application via special protocol (not 1K XMODEM) and store it to the A&D cell.
I finalise cell - return code is OK.
But when I try to install this cell, device die. No answer, no response.

When I restart device by power off/on, it starts with old version of application.

Help me. How to install my new application?


Wich firmware? Is it undefined size cell which you are writing? What is your UART speed?

Is the sotware good? :wink: I mean the data bytes written to the cell is in the right order. Open AT lower then 3.10 may try install the data, without checking it, which cause unpredicted behaviour.


I have a similar problem:

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v03.10”,“AT v03.10”
ati3: 655_09gg.Q2406B 2015268 111705 17:01

subscribing ok ( adl_adSubscribe( 1, 262144 ); )
download (specific protocol) - ok, programm size is about 190 KBytes, speed ~ 2kbytes per second.
finalising - ok
calling adl_adInstall freezes a module.

But after restart a device a newly downloaded version is started! So I can’t upgrade the programm remotely. Somebody have to switch off/on the device :frowning:

Can anybody share some piece of code which works without problem, please :blush:


I always stop everything that is not needed for DOTA.
I experienced that low UART1 speed can stuck the DOTA procedure even in realase configuration when i dont send any debug or trace info on UART. I used to switch UART1 speed to 115200 to avoid this.

I used to use 1 AD space cell with undifined cell, but if the normal flash does not enough storing important data for your appli you cannot do this.

So far i used TCP socket and FTP to obtain the data.

Apart from the mentioned criterias the DOTA works for me so far.

Best Regards,