The module Resets and DOTAdont install the file

Good afternoon, im trying to do some DOTA but im having troubles. Im using a Q2687H Classic.

First of all i tried with the DOTA example wich came in the M2M Studio. It works jus fine, so i followed the same steps that this do.

This are the steps i made:

  1. Initialize the A&D memory.
  2. I download a .dwl file from a FTP server using the wip_read function (ive checked that the size of the downloaded file and the original are the same. The DOTA examples was tested with this same file, so is not currupted). 3_ Write the file in memory when is being downloaded with the adwrite function. Ive checked the result of this funtion and is always OK.
    4_I finalize the cell with a OK result.
    5_Install the cell.
    Then, i reached at the Handler and the module resets, unfortunetly the .dwl doesnt install in my CPU. Why is that?

I`ve seen similar problems in the forum but i think not exactly as this. I really aprecciate some help.
Thanks for advance!.

Sounds like the file is getting corrupted during the download and/or writing to A&D memory, doesn’t it?

Have you checked the startup reason when the module restarts?

I solved it!, it was a stupid problem who took me all the afternoon to figure. I was writing two times the same data, that was all.

Thank u so much for the reply. If anyone have the same problem, chek how you`re writing the File in memory.

Best Regards.

Hi nicool

Im having a similar problem. Even when using the DOTA sample I get an install error on restart.

Does DOTA work with any firmware and OS version?



Dont worry about previous post, I fixed the problem. Using the same firmware and application OS but updating OpenAT version and M2Mstudio version.


It has certainly been supported by all Open-AT versions from 3.03 on.

Exactly the same rules apply to loading an application via DOTA as to loading it via AT+WDWL; viz, the application must be built for the specific version of firmware+open-at installed on the device.

I did once (and only once) have a .dwl file that would load via AT+WDWL but not via DOTA; but rebuilding fixed it - so there must just have been something wrong with the build.

From experience… one possible cause of this adl_adInstall-is-fine-but-installation-fails-on-reboot behaviour is having a version mismatch between the downloader (dwl.dwl) and the OS firmware. Verifying that the downloader is as recent as the OpenAT firmware is A Good Thing ™.

Isn’t adl_adInstall supposed to verify that the image is “valid” before attempting to install it?
Doesn’t that include checking that it’s the right version?


I am having problems installing an application from the A&D previously downloaded and successfully installed.

I download the application from an ftp and install successfully but leave the application in the A&D for future backup. When I subscribe to that A&D cell it subscribes successfully and I read the info of the cell(adl_adinfo), the size of the cell is correct and the cell is finalized but when I run the adl_adinstall on the cell the module resets with an ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_ERROR.

I have tried putting the UART in AT mode before installing and also tried disabling Unso responses and neather helps…does anyone know how to fix this?


What are you actually trying to achieve here?


I want to leave a default application in the A&D for incase a DOTA fails or I load a bad application through DOTA which disables the bearer function or if the unit ends up in some bad loop which disables it from doing a DOTA update. I can the command the unit to reinstall the default App with an sms or if the unit had no contact with the server for a few day it knows to load the default App from memory. The default app just enables the unit to redownload the actual app from the ftp. Its a last resort for if the unit fails in some or other way.

Hope this makes sense

So that requires that you have sufficient A&D space to store two complete applications?

Yes it does, I have enough space. I put the default app in A&D cell 0 and the main App in A&D cell 1

Here is a workaround for the problem.

I have found that it is not possible to install the same application from the A&D twice, after the first install from the A&D Cell ID the file is useless.

So what I do is download the Default App into Cell ID 0 of the A&D with DOTA, but not install it. Then install the Main Application on the module. When using DOTA to download the Main Application, download to Cell ID 1 and install.
If the Main Application is giving problems, I have the Default Application for installation as backup. This is done by copying the Default App from Cell ID 0 to Cell ID 1, and then installing Cell ID 1. This is done so that the Default App in Cell ID 0 is still usefull for later use if it is needed again. The process can be repeated whenever the Main App is not opperating as wanted.

Maby I am the only crazy person that wants a backup application on the unit for if the Main Application fails to DOTA.

Have you had this verified as an issue by Sierra Wireless?

If this is true, then it really should be documented - there is currently no indication that installing from A&D memory is “destructive”


I have word from my supplier that the A&D has a built in CRC and that it has something to do with that. I am not sure how exacly it works. I have tried and tested multiple times and in different ways and its not possible to install from the same file in the A&D more than once. The workaround that I explained is the easiest way I could find of doing it.

Thanks for the help anyway.

No, that doesn’t really explain it, does it?!

Please push your supplier to have Sierra Wireless at least document this properly - and, preferably, fix it!