DOTA reset Q2686

Hello, I have developed project with Q2686 and Open AT 6.63, this is old project, but this work fine.
My problem is DOTA, when I send sms to init DOTA process, the total process of DOTA is OK , but the new firmware version run very good for first five minutes and then the firmware crash, and reset the module. If I download application with AT+WDWL the firmware work fine.

Anyone has any suggestions on my problem?

Bye bye

Are you absolutely certain that you are using the same file with both DOTA and AT+WDWL :question:

Once the application is loaded, the method by which it got there should be entirely irrelevant.

Does the application reset just once, or every 5 minutes?

Hi aweneil, the software is absolutament the same, and the reset is every 5 minutes.
I have tested the problem with all Q2686 module with same 6.63, but I can not understand what could be the reason. :question:

thanks, now the system go fine.
My problem is on “AT+WRST” that is not disabled when I finished the DOTA on system, my error.
Your link reference is very good for me.
Thanks awneil. :slight_smile:
Thanks awneil. :slight_smile:
Thanks awneil. :slight_smile:

It is a shame that there is no way for either the internal (Open-AT) application, nor any external application, to know that a reset was due to AT+WRST - see: