List Destroy - R7.52

Hi All,

I am in the process of moving across to 7.52 and found that I receive an exception when wm_lstDestroy is called.
I have created a separate project to simply create a list and destroy it. In 7.47.4 it works fine, but when 7.52 is used it causes an exception reset.

wm_lst_t CellList;

I’ve gone through the documentation on the new OS and firmware, but have not found anything that may cause this.
Would appreciate any suggestions.



Does the backtraces view tells anything?

I’ve found the reason for the exception.
There is a difference between how the adl_adGetCellList api works in 7.47.4 and 7.52.
In 7.52, adl_adGetCellList doesn’t create a list if no A&D cell ids are in use and returns an error. Hence doing anything with that list causes an exception.
In firmware 7.47.4 the function creates a list regardless and returns OK.
I haven’t managed to find any documentation on these changes. If this change is documented, where can I find it?