AD Memory

Hi All,

I have a few questions about AD Memory. More specifically cell ids.

I have been using the following code to retrieve the cell ids I have subscribed to.

wm_lst_t CellList;
s32 listresult = adl_adGetCellList ( &CellList );
u16 count = wm_lstGetCount(CellList);
u32 last_cell_id = *(u32 *) wm_lstGetItem(CellList, count - 1);

Is there a way to retrieve a list of the cell ids which have been deleted without trying to read data from a cell id to determine if it has been deleted?

Also, if I subscribe to a cell id, use it and then delete it, can I resubscribe to that cell id to use it for new data or do I have to recompact before using it?


Ok, I have discovered a few things today to do with this.

I can subscribe to a cell id, write to it, delete it, then resubscribe to that cell id and write to it again and then delete it.
What I did notice is that if I get the state after the first iteration, the number of objects is 1 and the number of deleted is 1. The free memory obviously also decrements too.
If I then run the second iteration (subscribe to the same cell id and delete), the number of object is now 2 and the number deleted is 2. The free memory decrements again, so re-using this cell id doesn’t seem to use the same memory.