What is the maximum Cell ID in A&D memory?

Dear friends,

I use A&D memory to store data, I use one cell ID for one hour data. So that, in one month there will be 744 Cell ID used to store the data.
I have written data to every cell ID successfully, 0 to 744 cell ID.
But, when I tried to read data from A&D memory, only first 600 cell ID could be read (Using wm_lstGetCount, I got only 600 cell ID and lost the rest of it).
I checked the A&D memory, its still 200Kbytes free.
What is the maximum number of cell ID? 600 cell ID?
Anyone, have an idea to this?


Dear friends,
I did some test, the problem is because wm_lstGetCount ( Cell_list ) always return 600, even though the actual number of cell ID is 744.
I could read all data if I set the number of cell ID(ignore wm_lstGetCount result) manually to 744.

Does anyone know how to solve this wm_lstGetCount problem?
or why wm_lstGetCount doesn’t return the real value?
For information, I use Fastrack Supreme 10 with firmware 7.4.

I Ketut Mustika Wiguna

Search for ADL_AD_MAX_CELL_RETRIEVE in ADL User Guide.

Thanks Ijweko,
I use adl_adFindInit and adl_adFindNext to get the cell ID which is superior than 600.