adl_adGetCellList(wm_lst_t *CellList)


adl_adGetCellList(wm_lst_t *CellList)

Can someone give me a better description of the parameter of this function. wm_lst_t is a void pointer, so what data type does it point to, is a array of u32 type (cell Id’s) or a data structure of some sort ??? Also how does one know what the size is (how many cell id’s) ?

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the list elements point to u32 type cell id’s. wm_lstGetCount() function can be used to get the number of cell id’s. (this is the number of cell that have been created). See the basic development guide to see all list handling functions.
Subcribe to the specific cell id with adl_adSubcribe() function and get the parameters with the adl_adInfo() function.