DOTA cell ID

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Can anybody say me how can be CellID in adl_adSubscribe function? For example, if I have nothing in A&D memory and I want to download something in, what have I write? adl_adSubscribe(0,100) it is correct? Or adl_adSubscribe(15,100)? Or what? What is the range of CellID? CellID is an index of used CellId’s or a pointer?

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Dorin Mitrut

This is where Wavecom’s documentation really falls down!

They give you a list of API calls, but no real indication of how to use those calls, or what the parameters actually mean in practice! :angry:

As far as I can make out, the Cell-ID functions pretty much as a file name for the A&D Storage - so you can pretty much pick any number you like!

Since no other restriction is mentioned, you can presumably use any number within the range of a u32…

Thank you awneil,

I tested indeed many number >=0 and < FFFFFFFF and all seems to work.
For me is enough but had better if the wavecom will provide an official response.

Thank you again and good luck,
Dorin Mitrut