adl_adSubscribe ADL_AD_RET_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE, why?


I try to do DOTA (a file of size 91624 bytes), but the adl_adSubscribe always returns ADL_AD_RET_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE !

The function adl_adl_adGetState returns:

  • freemem: 786232
  • deletedmem: 0
  • totalmem: 786248
  • numobjects: 0
  • numdeleted: 0

The command AT+WOPEN=6 returns:
+WOPEN: 6,768,512

Is there a command to emit to active such a service ? Or something else ?


I follow the DOTA sample code (provide with the WIP plugin):
1- adl_adFormat
2- adl_adSubscrite
3- adl_adWrite
4- adl_adFinalise
5- adl_adInstall
6- reboot

and If I remove the adl_adFormat step, the process works !

You shouldn’t need to format every time!

The format process takes a long time - are you sure that you wait for it to complete before continuing…?

I didn’t wait format completion… so the error occured :slight_smile: !

I need to sometimes remplace my Open AT application by another one and I want to reuse the same cellid (even if the size of the downloaded files are not equal).

Before download the file, I could format all or just delete the cellid. But in this last case, for example after 4 OTA, I notice that the “numobjects” value is 4 and the “numdeleted” is 3 (returned by the adl_adGetState function). This is due because I need to recompact.
Finally why don’t directly do a format instead of delete and recompact ?