Hi guy, I got a problem with DOTA.
at first I Subscribe ADcell by using command MyADCellHandle=adl_adSubscribe(0,ADL_AD_SIZE_UNDEF);
After I finish download new application via GPRS and store it in A&D storage then I adFinalise but it always returns error code -8 (ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE ) and my modem is rebooted with old application instead of new application that I want to install.

You did not give enough info to see if you are doing anything wrong, but below is an extract for my code how I finalise my cells. It works for me.

s32 s32Result = ERROR;
s32 s32CellHandle = -1;

s32CellHandle = adl_adSubscribe (u32CellID, ku8PARAMETER_IGNORE); // subscribe to get a handle
s32Result = adl_adFinalise (s32CellHandle);
(void) adl_adUnsubscribe (s32CellHandle);

Hope this helps…

Hi All
I solve the ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE updating “DOTA.e2p” using DWLWIN