...BAD_STATE on adl_adWrite

Hello all,

I’m trying to download a app using GSM data, I subcribe to a cell (#define AD_CELL_ID 10):
ADHdl = adl_adSubscribe( AD_CELL_ID, ADL_AD_SIZE_UNDEF);
my_printf(“dwl_Download: ADHdl %d\n”, ADHdl );
and get the printout:
dwl_Download: ADHdl 0

all seems fine but I get:
dwl_Block: adWrite -8
sReturn = adl_adWrite ( ADHdl, DATA_SIZE ( Block [ 0 ] ), ( void * ) ( Block + DATA_OFFSET ) );
my_printf(“dwl_Block: adWrite %d\n”, sReturn);

the returned -8 = ADL_RET _ERR_BAD_STATE and indicates that the cell i finalised, but I never do that. What can cause this cell to finalise?


I am having this same problem… I’m using GPIO 26 and 27 on a Q26. I suspect that this error is caused when the feature being mux’d with the GPIO pin is turned on. Unfortunately, the documentation seems to give no indication of how to turn off the I2C feature.