Q2686 call setup using GPRS


      In wavecom Q2686, How can i ensure my GPRS connection is established correctly. The "adl_gprsSetup" API is returning "OK"

    Currently, i am trying to make a call using GPRS to ensure the GPRS connectivity.

Am trying,

1. adl_callSetup("<mobile number>",ADL_CALL_MODE_DATA);  and
2.adl_callSetupExt("<mobile number>",ADL_CALL_MODE_DATA,ADL_PORT_GPRS_BASE)  

whether this approach is correct or not?

If NO means, in which way i can ensure my GPRS connection.

Thank you,

Remember that GPRS is a packet link - so it is not really helpful to talk in terms of a “call”.

Why not use WIP?