Q24Plus with 641C or 650 Software Version?

Hello Wavecom interested people!!!

I would like to use old edSoft IP stack with the new Q24Plus module.

Is it possible to do that and in what way?

I tried to download the old 650a version or 641c version and it made my modem zombie …

Is there something you can propose?

Thank for your time and help.

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It is not possible to use those firmware versions on a Q24PL.
I don’t know if any FW exist for Q24PL that allows eDSoft IP-stack to run on it, but I suspect not.

If you can’t reflash your modules with DWLWin, you’ll have to ask your distributor for help.

Your options are pretty much:

  1. Find old modules
  2. Move to the WIPSoft IP-stack instead

Tobias thank you very much for your reply.

Your suggestions are very clear!

Please allow me to ask another relevant question.

Can I load 657 version in old Q2406B or Q2406E modules and then load WIP as well in this old module?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Best Regards

Costas - Athens

I know there is 6.57 for Q2406B.
Talk to your distributor for more information.