How to update Q24Plus PL001 to WipSOFT 5.43


I did send a message to support but did not get a reply. We are currently working on a product based on Q24Plus modems.

We updated these modems to the latest firmware found on the SierraWireless download pages.
However, the WIP library for these modems are rather old. Version 3.x.

How can we and is this even possible, update these products to WIP 5.42 or 5.42 …

We are running the 6.xh release firmware.


Br, Tim

Hello Tim,

Q24Plus is End of Life so you should not develop anything for that! I really recommend you to contact to your sales representative (whoever replys) to get support.

WIP 5.43 is for Oasis firmware ( Q26, SL, WMP … ).