How to update WIP version on my modem?

Hi, this is a newbie question, apologies if it sounds silly, but how can i update WIP version on my modem? I’m currently using:

WIP Soft v531 on Open AT OS v632
Feb 22 2010 07:24:48 WIPlib:v5a17 WIPSoft:v3b07

Thank you.

Note that the WIP version requires the corresponding firmware version to be correct - so you can’t just update one without the other!

You should speak to your Distributor about what versions are available for your particular unit(s), whether any update is possible or worthwhile, how to do it, etc,…

Thanks Awneil, unfortunately my distributor doesn’t seem to have a clue, is there a better way for this? :frowning:

There is. Through windows hyperterminal. You chose send file, protocol: 1kx send to the module the firmware file. Then reset the modem

why do you want to update your WIP version? Is there a bug in which you currently use?

Again, you can’t just update WIP - you have to have the correct version of firmware to support it!

I think you should name & shame!

If they can’t provide basic support like this, they should not be allowed to call themselves “Distributors” :exclamation: