WIPSOFT upgrade


My current version of WIPSOFT is 3.10.2034, i think this is not the latest version. How can i upgrade it, i have looked at the wavecom website under the download section of Fastrack supreme but i can’t find it.


latest version of wipsoft is included in the SDK


I currently have the WIP 3.10.2034. When i downloaded the open AT SDK 3.21 from the wavecom website and installed i discovered that it contained the WIP 3.10.1034 version which is lower than mine. How can i get the WIP 3.21 version (or WIPSOFT 3.21) ?


you realise that your wip-soft application is dependent on a certain firmware version?
i’m using firmware 7.3 and it’s wip-version is (on a q2686)


My Firmware version is 6.63b. How can i upgrade it to 7.3 like yours ?


same as ‘njiterry’ my version is 6.63c and i need to upgrade to 7.3.
I downloaded the open AT SDK and i didn’t found the “wipsoft.wbp” file to install into the SDK. For user of wiplib it’s OK but for WipSoft user like me what i do ?

Help please…


let’s keep the answers to one topic :wink: