Where to download WIPsoft

Hi everyone,

I try to install the WIPsoft plugin into my fastrack supreme. But I can’t find the .dwl file. Is this downloadable and where can I find it?


it’s included in the sdk, within the plugins folder

I installed m2m studio. But i can’t find wipsoft in the plugin folder. There’s not even 1 .dwl file inside.
What sdk do I have to download else?

you also need to download the appropriate sdk for your product.
(found on the product page-> download tab of your product)
take care to select the sdk version wich matches your firmware, or donload the latest and upgrade your firmware

In the download section i only find these files:

  • R74_00-cus-q26-01.wpk (1.48 Mo)
  • Release Notes.html (93 Octets)
  • Wavecom Open AT Software Suite v2.30.exe (332.20 Mo)

I already have an open at software suite, is the .wpk file the sdk?

the software suite is the sdk,
if you’ve got the software suit already, you’ve also got the sdk.
if you run the software suit, choose ‘browse the cd’, then go to Plug-ins\WIP\WIP\samples\WIPSoft\bin
there you find the dwl files for wipsoft.

did you make sure that the firmware in your module matches the firmware version in the SDK?
else wipsoft won’t work (it’s compiled against the frimware included in the SDK)

if i try to update the bootloader/firmware of wipsoft i get the following errors:

+WDWL: 0
ATTÓ ãð/á??å?å??å?å ã?âÐ ájë?ú? ã@à% ã?äAà0Cà@-éñú@½èPã7ë ãð?å?å  ã ?åûÿÿBROMA ?@þIA ?à?F@»S?BùÓ???F BaEtÐxI0C[+öÛýâ?aEåÐxI,at
+WIND: 14
+WIND: 0
+WIND: 12,0
+WIND: 7

do you have an idea why this is?

Looks like you’ve got the wrong version of WIPSoft for the Firmware that’s in your modem.

as i said, you need to check that the version of the firmware in the modem is the same as the firmware version of the sdk that you download.

so i can’t update the firmware to the one i downloaded so i can also use the wipsoft i downloaded?

Have you spoken to your Distributor about this?

you can use dwlwin to upgrade your firmware (search the forum on how to do that)
also, your product should have come with a cd containing the sdk wich is compatible with your firmware

Yes, it is possible - but it’s not exactly a novice activity.

If you need to ask the question, it’s probably better to get your Distributor to do it for you

And, if it didn’t, you should be asking your Distributor why not!!

Ok, thanks a lot for your help!!
I’ll give it a try.