How to Install WIPSoft in Fastrack M1306?


My distributor, sent me the latest version of WIPSoft and one DWLWin.exe, but I am not able to install the WIPSoft on my modem.

Anybody can give me a hand? or indicate a tutorial?

My status in DWLWin V.
Boot failure: unknown baseband or unexpected answer received
Cannot boot up the remote target: autodetection failed

Hi snoke,
Which tag of wipsoft you receive from the Distributor? .wpb or .dwl file? If .dwl file you can download it bya hyper terminal. (using At+wdwl command and send with Xmodem type). If .wpb file, after you install the dwlwin program completed, you can download this file to modem, but you must to push the pin BOOT to ground at the power on modem to get the start.

Thanks i used hyperterminal and its worked!!