Where I can download latest firmware for Q2686?

Where I can download latest firmware for Q2686?


You can download the latest firware from the Sierra Wireless website. Just login and
search under the supports+download section.

You can ask you location FAE about the newest Firmware.

The Website has nothing .

I think it’s possible to do it through your developper studio if it automatically updates itself. Hope I’m not wrong for my firmware is trhe latest as my developper studio updates automatically. Then on target Management Mode, it’s possible to update ypoue target’s firmware.


what software should I be using to talk to the modems as I am struggling to interrogate it currently

Depends on which modem, normally you can use developer studio available below for AT command and extra diagnostic info:

You can also use third party terminal application (e.g. hyper terminal bundled with Windows, or open source project like realterm/teraterm) to send AT command.

Hope it helps.