Q24PL002?... Can upgrade the firmware


Hi everybody

I have a module based on Q24PL002 with firmware 5.57g… the problem is that when i try to make a voice call i cannot hear the sound and the other mobile can not hear me… so i was looking for a solution in the web… and i get that i must upgrade the firm… i have an account on wavecom but it doesnot access… so if you have the firmware and the software that i must use to upgrade please upload to a server like rapidshare or megaupload… if it is possible… the communication that my module use is RS232…



If you can’t access site (by the way, you need old wavecom site for latest Q24 SDK with firmware included: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … Q24_Series), ask your local distributor.


THanks for ur answer, the problems is that my local distributor is in China and I’m on Peru :smiling_imp: so is a little complicated to comunicate with him , but i ask also a solution, the problem is that when i tried to enter to this page wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … Q24_Series it told me that i need to login, i have an account but it doesnt login… so i cannot download the old software…

Thanks again



According to the “Distributor Finder”, they should be in the US or Canada:

Anyhow, it shouldn’t be any problem at all!

Even though they are in the same country, all of my communication with my distributor is “remote” - by phone or email.

If you can’t access the Wavecom or Sierra WIreless site, ask your distributor to place stuff on an FTP site (or similar) where you can access it…


If your firmware version is 6.57g and not 5.57g as you stated than you probably won’t get anything useful after firmware upgrade, since 6.57g is one of the latest versions.