Problems importing projects

Importing M2M studio projects into M2M studio does not always work. For example, I created a very simple project in M2M studio (see [url]]). I then zipped the project directory (except for the build directory), and removed the project from M2M. I then deleted the original project from M2M and my hard disc, unzipped the archive, and imported the project.

The project built successfully, so I uploaded the zip to the forum, only to find that awneil couldn’t compile it. I then removed the project from M2M and my hard disc again, and imported the project from the extracted zip file once more. This time the project would not compile. This is the same computer that was used to create the project in the first place, the only thing that has changed is that the computer has been restarted.

The build errors suggest that there is now a problem with the include paths, as it couldn’t find adl_global.h. I tried to check the project settings, but kept receiving an error titled “Could Not Accept Changes”, with the text “The currently displayed page contains invalid values.”. The page is then not displayed, so there is no way to see what’s wrong, or attempt to fix it.

I have also seen this problem when importing a project that uses a version of the OpenAT software suite that is not currently installed. Again, attempting to change the project properties results in error messages informing that there is a problem, but offering no way for you to correct it.

Yes, that is the error that I see - it is reported in generated.c

Further to that, when I click on the error message in the ‘Problems’ view, it says it cannot open the editor.

Actualy, regarding the zip file you provide, you didn’t include an important file essential to correct dependencies handling by M2M Studio.
As stated in this help page: M2M Studio User Guide > Build System > Advanced topics > Sharing Open AT projects, three files must be included as soon as you plan to share a project with others:

  • .project
  • .cproject
  • .settings/.ebsdata (the one you miss)

That explains the compile error - but not why it then fails to open the generated.c source file!

Thanks for the feedback, daav.

I’m not sure how I missed that file (I meant to include everything except for the build output). I’ll make sure that gets included next time I share a project.

Should be fixed also: as you know, the generated.c editor is “special” and requires project’s metadata that are stored in the .ebsdata file.

It would be far more helpful if M2MStudio would just give a clear, explicit warning or error message saying what’s missing - rather than just blundering on and giving obscure failures!

It can do this in some cases, because I’ve seen it say things like, “cannot open project - the .project file is missing” - so why can’t it alwaysdo this?

(I guess this could be Eclipse rather than M2MStudio specifically, though…?)

Good point, we’ll take a look if it seems possible to fail “smartly” in such a case.

Good expression! 8)