Import Q24 Project



New to the 1.0.1 M2M studio, I have to import an application developped on Q24, including WIP library (SDK V3.19, OS 3.14, firmware 657e developped with Visual Studio IDE).
I red that I can receive error with -flags but the selection of folder with .scs file produce the following error ‘The IDE V1 project contains some reference to invalid package paths’ and it is not possible to continue the import process (only Cancel button is available).

Is it necessary to install some librairies or development packages before trying to convert ?

I need to rebuild it on M2M studio and create a version for Supreme.

How is it possible to continue the process !
Many thanks for help


I noticed that M2M Studio raises such an error as soon as one or several packages referenced by your V1 project is/are no more available…
(e.g. your project points to a C:\OpenAT\OS\XXX folder which does not exist (anymore?))
Are you sure your project is building correctly with the old IDE?