Import v1 Project with Library Reference Fails

Reference: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=3620#p13963

The original project is in:
C:\Users … GPS_work\test3

And the associated library is in:
C:\Users … GPS_work\gpslib1

This is the error:

And the following warning appears in the ‘Problems’ view:

The path given looks totally wrong - surely it should be:
C:\Users … GPS_work\test3[Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_Release

or similar?

As I couldn’t import the Library, I thought I’d try to create it from scratch - and that didn’t work properly either! :angry:


We have test cases to check that such a use case is behaving correctly, and we do not have such issues.
Please can you provide an archive file containing your IDE V1 projects (without source file or only fake ones if you want, and without build output (ads/rvds/gcc directories) to make the archive lighter)?
It will let us investigate the issue.

By the way, please can you also provide the backtrace associated to this NullPointerException (contained in the .log file of your workspace)?