Problem while creating a new proyect

Hi everyone,
I’m new at this, and I am trying to make my own applications. The problem is that when I start a new proyect using the Wizard I encounter several problems. To begin with if I open the DTMF decofing example, when the “D.O.S. window” appear, I encounter my first problem which says: Override “DTMF_Keyboard.html”, overriding mode 0500? It also says: Override “gcc/mak/gen.mak”, overriding mode 0500… and a few more questions of this kind… When facing this problem I pressed “y” and then the proyect begins. This happens when opening an example and when I open a new proyect I also receive this kind of messeges. What’s more, after creating a new proyect, when I try to save it, it says that the proyect is only READ MODE… Is that possible? How is it that I am creating a new proyect and it opens in READ MODE? It does not make sense to me. Probably i’m not doing things correctly. Can anyone help me solving this stuff please? Thank you very much.

Hi diegomarkich,
I think you should remove the OpenAT and re-install again. It maybe fix your problem.

Did you manage to solve the problem by re-installing Open AT???

Yes, I see that when I create an Eclipse project.

This is one of several reasons why I’m sticking with Visual Studio:

I haven’t seen that one, though.

Have you checked the file properties? Are they read-only?
Are you sure that you’re creating the project in an area where you have full read+write+modify+create privileges?

Hi guys, thanks for your replies, forgive me for don´t reply this post earlier, i forgot it; but now i´ll write how i solved this problem for everyone who visit this post. I reinstalled everything from zero, including my windows XP, and i had no more troubles with that. Now i see some “overriding…” messages when compiling in my console, but no more questions about deciding to override anything when opening Eclipse, and it seems to be normal because my projects works fine! Perhaps the problem in that moment was a bad installation. Now after a few months testing new versions of OS, is usual for me to reinstall everything over and over again :wink: Always backing up source files!!! Thanks guys for helping, best wishes!