How do you use Eclipse SDK with Open AT?

Hello Everyone,

How can Open AT version 3.10 be used with other IDE’s apart from VS? How is support for Eclipse used to create a working development environment?

I am confused by the situation. I have read that you need to create a wrapper for the App.mak file but how is this achieved?

What steps are required after creating the wrapper?



You can create a project made by the OpenATs project wizard as a standard make project in eclipse v3.2 with cdt v3.1. Then you write a batchfile like

<CYGWIN>\bin\cygpath "cd %1;wmmake %2" | <CYGWIN>\bin\bash -l

whereby is replaced by the path to your cygwin directory — for example c:\cygwin

After this you must change the build command in the tab Make Builder of the properties of your project to

whereby you must replace by the name of the created batchfile.

Bye, Ralf