Problem opening port


Hi I’m trying to do the HelloWorld example to learn how to use the software but I cant open the port. Do I need the sim card to do that? There are no target detected. How can I fix this problem?



What module/software are you using?

ciao, Dave


I’m using sl6082 and I I have the development kit


I have just installed the software and I’m not sure what the next step is, do I have to install the usb ports? I have connected the development kit to my computer, I’m using SL6082, and what I want to do is learn how to send sms but I don´t know how ore if it´s fully installed. Hope someone can help :wink:

Best regards Katla



Probably a good time to get in touch with your Distributor and get their FAE to walk you through the required steps to get started with your board.

ciao, Dave