How to install the usb ports

I have just installed the software and I’m not sure what the next step is, do I have to install the usb ports? I have connected the development kit to my computer, I’m using SL6082, and what I want to do is learn how to send sms but I don´t know how or if it´s fully installed. Hope someone can help :wink:

Best regards Katla


To start with…
I think you are referring to SL6087…??
Are you able to see USB device enumerated in Device Manager?? For sending SMS you can go through AT command guide. Here’s the link for AT guide for FW 7.52,-d-,52.aspx


I’m using SL8082T and the problem is when I choose open port it tries to open but fail because it can’t read the general information.


can you see the ports enumerated in Device Manager?