Support micro/nano sim

Hello everybody,
I bought a HL6/8 DevKit with modules HL7528 (LTE) and HL8518 (GSM/UMTS) and I would know if the kit supports the new SIM cards, that means the nano and micro SIMs.

Btw, I try to connect to the board to the USB1, I sent AT command for testing but I didn’t receive any answers.
Someone knows how to manage it? does eventually the board work without a SIM card?

Thanks in advance

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Of couse AT command channel should work even without sim card.
How about other usb port usb0?

It is not recognize, nothing happens in the device manager

Then probably there is usb issue as nothing happens in device manager

Ok I’ll do a deeper analysis

You might also check if the uart is working

Hello jyijyi,
I did a reset and some com port appeared, strange. But no answer yet to “AT” command.
I would like to know if I need to install some drivers. Indeed I didn’t found the driver for windows10.
Do you have some ideas?

You might try on ubuntu pc as the usb serial port is using standard acm driver

For windows driver:

I found the same link, but it seems that the drivers are obsolete for our OS. Is the HL series support W10?
I used the setup.exe but the “vendor.cer” missed…

I am using windows 10