Looks like I have come to the end of the road.

I could not get the simple ping program going.
I spent hours on the phone with my ISP begging for information.
I went and got a new SIM card, but still no results.
I tried downloading the sample application right from the samples folder of the Open AT
CD, but no results.
I tried all the different versions of the sample ping_GPRS program in the Open AT CD, but no results.
Now my modem just send +WIND: 0 and does not respond to absolutely anything.

What to do. Stare at it as it resets, and hope maybe someone out has an answer

Please change your approach. You may not reach a solution today to any problem. If you commit yourself to achieving a certain result strictly at a certain time, you may become unhappy.

If you have a deadline from a manager ,tell that this is a research and development effort and finish time may not be easily predicted. If you don’t have a deadline, try to do your best by reading the forums& documentation/ presenting your problem in an understandable manner in your posts. OpenAT is an API that works so somehow there should be a solution to most of the problems. I suspect, many people experience the same hardships as you do. Just keep calm and go on.

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I think wind:0 means that ur module is just not detecting your sim card. Check out the wind responses in the AT commands guide.

Thanks, but what I will do instead is get another modem. In the mean time and between time I will flash the firmware in the troubled device.

After some research, I am sure the firmware is toast due to intermiten download (probably my fault).

It would appear that I have the needed files, but need the software tool to download them. It is free from what I understand.

Where on the website (public access) can I find the tool, or is someone aware of URL?


You should get the tool from your distributor.

I don’t think it is available for public download…

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