Problem in running the wip sample


Good Day,

I’m trying to run the wip samples but everytime i attempt to execute/run it i alway encounter the following error (im using the eclipse IDE):

Details:Program file does not exist
C:\OpenAT\exercises\wip_smtp\mingw\out\kernel.exe not found

What could be the problem? This happens on all wip samples. Thank you.



Did you use the project wizard to create the project ?


Yes. I always use the open at project wizard in opening the sample application. Here is the full build message: What could be the problem? Thank you for the response.

C:\OpenAT\exercises\wip_udp_send\LoadIde.bat -p wmmake -RTE
Loading Open AT IDE…
Loading project settings…
Updating udp_snd.mak file from Software Common Settings…
Building mingw_udp_snd project…

Launch a full library or binary process

Get …/…/src/appli_snd.c appli_snd.c
Copy all needed library and object files

Make links C:/OpenAT/OS/3.12.05/ADL/rte_wmadl_3. …/out/rte_wmadl_3.
Make links C:/OpenAT/Plug-ins/WIP/2.00.05/WIP/rte_wmwip_2. …/out/rte_wmwip_2.

… Link step in progress …

… Link mingw_udp_snd.bin …

make: *** [make_single_bin] Error 1
rte_wmwip_2.\projet\gsmmi\in: undefined reference to _allmul' rte_wmwip_2.\projet\gsmmi\in: undefined reference to_aullrem’
Updating RTE kernel file…
no generated DLL found…
[wmmake error #1] Build error.