Wip RTE in eclipse

I am trying to use wip lib in eclipse and i get this error when i compile(more specific when linking occurs)
make: *** [make_single_bin] Error 1
rte_wmwip_3.\projet\gsmmi\in: undefined reference to _allmul' rte_wmwip_3.\projet\gsmmi\in: undefined reference to _aullrem’
Updating RTE kernel file…
no generated DLL found…
[wmmake error #1] Build error.

well from what i saw this is a wip lib problem There is a topic on the forum with this
and there is a solution (not a really good one)

This problem is only with eclipse? and visual C doesn’t have this problem?
Is there a solution for this in eclipse

After making wavecom training course, i learnt that this problem is not currently fixed in Eclipse and will be fixed in the next OpenAT release.
This problem occured when using WIP plugin in RTE mode with Eclipse.

If you want debug (or use RTE mode) with WIP plugin you must currently use Visual C++


Has there been any progress on this?

When is the next release of openAT scheduled for?