RTE with WIP


I just downloaded OASIS 2.10. I was really hoping it fixed a bug that seems to have been in every OASIS release. Has anyone gotten RTE projects to build when they include WIP? Here is what I’m seeing:

… Link mingw_App-Rte_1MB+.bin …

make.exe: *** [make_single_bin] Error 1
U:/projet/gsmmi/int/plu/serena/wip_5.00.2030/PluginsBuild/libs/WIP/mingw/out/ch_tcp_client.c:667: undefined reference to min' U:/projet/gsmmi/int/plu/serena/wip_5.00.2030/PluginsBuild/libs/WIP/mingw/out/ch_tcp_client.c:716: undefined reference tomin’
Updating RTE kernel file…
no generated DLL found…
[wmmake error #1] Build error.


Yes, but I use MSVS - not eclipse. 8)

And the reason I’ve not moved to eclipse is precisely because it doesn’t work properly yet! :unamused:

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I’m not sure how using MSVS would solve the fact that a function is missing. That’s the job of the compiler & linker. It shouldn’t be dependent on the IDE you’re using.

But back to the original topic:
I never use RTE, so I can’t answer your question directly, but here’s a potential workaround. In your code, create a ‘min’ function, but make it “weak” so it doesn’t affect TARGET builds. Something like this:

int min(int first, int second) attribute((weak));

int min(int first, int second)
if (first < second)
return first;
return second;

This will supply a ‘min’ function when there isn’t one (RTE), but it won’t be used when there already is another copy of ‘min’ (in the TARGET libraries). (If this doesn’t work, try chaning the ints to longs. I don’t know how the original ‘min’ was declared.)


I have same problem with eclipse and sample FTP2FTP or FTPput ord FTPlist



Does my workaround help? If not: more details!


hey Ryan,

i have using the WIP lib(with OASiS) in RTE mode for quiet some time now…it works pretty neat !!!

Which IDE are u using?

For u r problem i think u r choosing the “Library” option in the Open AT Project Wizard. Change that to “Binary”
Else, in your IDE u can perform a “CLEAN” and the a “RE-BUILD” all…

Also the path specified in u r error msg is a bot strange…y have created a “MINGW” folder in your project wizard?? :bulb:


It does depend on having the IDE (and all the underlying tools) set up correctly, though!

My point was that my IDE setup (which happens to be MSVS) does appear to be correct - so the compiler & linker, as you say, can just get on with their jobs.

My other point was that I’ve not used the Eclipse version: precisely because Wavecom’s implementation of it seems to faulty - so it could well be that this is just another of the “endemic” faults with it! :angry:


Thanks, Matt, this workaround really does work around! :smiley: Altough it leads to warning saying “weak declaration of ‘min’ not supported”, the project builds in RTE.