Problem connecting to FXT002 using Developer Studio 1.1.2


Hi All,

I have an FXT02 modem connected to COM2 of an XP machine with a “Wavecom DB9 / HD15 cable”. Modem is powered using a 5V / 2A SMPSU.

Before launching Developer Studio, connection to the modem seems to work OK, Sending at+cgmr using Terraterm on COM2 at 115200 baud elicits “R74_00gg.FXT002 2120060 041709 19:18”.

Sending at+wopen=0 appears to stop a previously loaded application (?).

Terraterm is then closed.

Developer Studio is then launched and Target Management context selected.

The serial port manager appears in the task bar (next to the clock) as a green symbol with a small red bar below. Mousing over the serial port manager reveals “serial port is opened, PORT: COM2, RATE: 115200 bps”

Clicking “connect” (next to settings) returns an error message “Serial port is opened, but there is no response from the target…”

I have plenty of experience with embedded development, but this is my first attempt to load “Hello World” application into an FXT002.

Any help appreciated.




looks like I had to re-set baud to 115200 and re-save. This had been done previously, but for some reason had not been accepted. Also erased current embedded applications (if there were any present), re-booted everything then download worked. Execution could be started with AT+WOPEN = 1


To re-echo another posting, a step by step newbie document is needed - with pretty pictures, aimed at the complete novice - just to remove any ambiguity about which screens and what are being referenced.

Forwards and onwards.



I have the same problem…i tried to re-set the baud to 115200 but nothing…

I get the same error : "Serial port is opened but there is no response from the target…

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


capitanui - you are not very clear on your problem.
Can you talk to your unit at all? Which unit? Which port? Via what sort of cable (some USB to serial cables will not work)? Can you use Hyperterminal / PuTTY or other serial app?
Does your cable have 3,4 or 9 wires … ? What flow control are you using? Which firmware is on the unit?


It has always seemed that the Wavecom tools (both Dev Studio and the old TMT/TE) can get their serial ports in a twist, and the only way to recover is to restart the PC. :angry:

So, restart the PC then verify that you can talk to the device using non-Wavecom/SiWi tools (eg, Hyperterminal) - only if that is successful should you attempt to use anything Wavecom/SiWi…

If you can’t communicate using non-Wavecom/SiWi tools, then you have a more fundamental issue - and using Wavecom/SiWi tools will only complicate the matter.

You may (or may not) find this useful:


Note that Dev Studio accesses the serial port as soon as it starts - even if you never use the Target view.
Therefore, do not even open Dev Studio until you have verified the basic (non-SiWi/Wavecom) serial port connectivity…


Ok…My bad…let me clarify my problem…from the start…

I have a Fastrack Supreme 10 modem…when i unpacked and tried to connect it gave me that error :

“Serial port opened but there is no response from the target”…I tried several times and then it worked…

Because i’m a beginner i start with reading the documentation…make the “Hello World” program and all that…
After that i read more documentation i tried to make an application wich opens the UART1 with the FCM service…and switches my modem from AT mode to DATA mode…and make some Traces to see the output in Target Monitoring Tool… After i succefully built and compiled my application i downloaded it to the device…
After this the old error came back…now i tried with RealTerm…and i downloaded also ComLed…but no response… it is possible to be from that application ?..the modem switches in data mode and it doesn’t communicate with my device…if so…how i can remediate the problem…

Here is the code i downloaded :

#include <adl_global.h>

const u16 wm_apmCustomStackSize = 1024;

u8 Handle;
bool FcmCtrl(u8 event);
bool DataHdlr(u16 DataLen, u8 * Data);

bool FcmCtrl(u8 event)


TRACE((1, "Control event received --> %d", event));

TRACE((1,“Flow Opened”));

TRACE((1,“Flow in data mode”));
return TRUE;

bool DataHdlr(u16 DataLen, u8 * Data)
return TRUE;

void main_task(adl_InitType_e InitType)

Handle = adl_fcmSubscribe(ADL_FCM_FLOW_V24_UART1, FcmCtrl, DataHdlr);


I’m wainting your replys…Thanks a lot in advance!!


ok…i sent +++ escape sequence with RealTerm and switched to AT command…it was so easy…but …i’m at the begining and i need to lear:-j…thanks for your reply…hope i will get help in other situations also…because for sure it will come…

Thanks in special for awneil!..


Just a note about this: Developer Studio 1.2.0 improves connectivity management, and by the way just simply allows to use the +++ sequence in the console.
(it’s true that 1.1.2 was unable to do that…)