Problem attaching antenna cables to onboard connectors. EM7455

At the moment I am trying to attach MH4 cables to the onboard antenna connectors on the EM7455 model.

I attached the MAIN cable in under 20 seconds however the AUX cable will not attach at all. I have tried for over one week with no success. I have tried a different cable with the same result.

My question is: Would it be out of the question to solder the antenna cable to the connector?

Are you trying to connect the MHF4 plug to the EM7455 receptacle or a micro coaxial cable to the plug?

The RF receptacles on the EM7455 are not designed to be soldered, so soldering directly to these receptacles is not advised. These connectors are push fit but can be a little difficult to connect, you need to make sure the plug is properly aligned and square with the receptacle before pushing down on the top of the plug. These small plugs can get damaged very easily. You may want to double check that the plug and receptacle has not been damaged. IPEX also make a tool for connecting and disconnecting the plug to and from the receptacles. It may be worth investing in one of these tools.

It is recommended that you Use RF plug connectors that are compatible with the following RF receptacle connectors: Foxconn (KK12011-02-7H), Longwell (911-002-0006R), Speedtech
(C87P101-00001-H), Murata (MM4829-2702RA4 (HSC)), IPEX (20449-001E

Thanks for the advice. I am trying to attach an antenna cable to the module onboard connectors. The cable has a plug at the end and should fit onto the matching socket but as I say it will not go on.

I would be very interested in the tool you have mentioned. I haven’t come across such a device, would you mind pointing it out to me.

I do not think I am going to be able to get the thing on after multiple failed attempts. The MAIN cable went on very easily in comparison.

I would be very grateful to hear of a device that can simplify this process.