EM7430 technical specification r8 names wrong RF connector?

In the AirPrime_MC7430_Product_Technical_Specification_r8 at source.sierrawireless.com/resou … cification the Hirose product U.FL CL331-0471-0-10 is recommend as a connector. The Hirose U.FL CL331-0471-0-10 is actually not a connector but the surface mounted receptacle. The Hirose recommended connector for U.FL CL331-0471-0-10 is CL331-045 but it does not fit on our cards. It seems that another receptacle from the X.FL series is used in our cards. The receptacle on the cards seem to be Hirose X.FL-connectors instead of the described U.FL connectors.

Card information:
EM7430 110475 Rev. B
FSN: LR709407030410

MC7430 != EM7430

You should see
source.sierrawireless.com/resou … ification/

Excellent. Thanks!