EM7430 module to be detected on EM9190 Dev Kit

I would like to clarify why EM91 Kit cannot be used with EM74 modules and what modifications will be required to use the EM91 kit with EM74 modules.

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Hi @varun
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Development Kit EM91 is designed for using with EM9, if you want to use EM7430, you must use Development Kit of EM74. The reason is that these two modules have different designs in terms of pin structure.

Please refer to the following documents:



Hi @jerdung
Thank you for your response. I understand that we have separate development kit for EM74.
But we wanted to use EM7430 utilizing EM91 EVK itself.
Regarding the pin structure difference, both modules have the same pin counts - 75 numbers.
The major difference is as below:

  1. PCIe interface not supported
  2. USB Detection not there in EM7430
  3. Power loss acknowledge not suppoted
  4. Four of the mmWave antenna module Power ON
    signals is replaced with SIM 2 signals.

So, is there any solution or disabling few signals to make the EM7430 module compatible with the EM91 Kit?

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Hi @varun,

Thanks for your reply.

As I mentioned above, Sierra does not recommend using the EM7430 module on the EM9 dev kit. This is not the right environment so if there is any issue or damage relates to module/board while running then you will be not supported by Sierra.

Please help follow the recommendation from Sierra to avoid unexpected behavior.