Dev Kit for the EM9291. Is the Air Prime EM9190 Dev Kit usable?

We have an EM DEV KIT 6001173 that we acquired to test the EM9191. Will we be able to use it for the EM9291 ?

this dev kit seems to be for EM74xx/EM75xx only.

It is usable for the EM91xx modules also. So, I was wondering if it could be used for the EM9291

officially this is not recommended, but as you say it is working for your EM91, then you can also try on EM92

In the Development Kit User Guide 41113875 Rev 1.1 from July 3, 2020

Chapter 1. Overview it says:

  1. Overview
    This document describes the AirPrime EM9190 Development Kit and how it integrates with AirPrime
    EM9 series embedded modules for application development and testing.
    Note: The EM9 series embedded modules include EM9190, EM9191 and EM7690.

do you have this new dev kit for EM91?

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