Problems Getting EM9191 Working with M.2 to USB Adapter

Hello, I got a EM9191 module and tried to connect to my computer using a generic M.2 to USB 3.0 adapter. Here is the link: . However, when I connect it using a Soracom Nano Sim card nothing happens. I don’t even see the power LED turn on and no device is detected in my Windows machine. I thought that maybe the problem was the adapter and got another one just in case but still nothing happening. I am new at using these type of adapters so I am looking for any suggestion. Is this not compatible? Should I be looking for a different adapter? Any suggestions are welcome? Thanks.

Well… I may be answering my own question here. I found a website that claims that this adapter does not work with EM9191: LTEFix USB to M.2 Key B 4G 5G Modem Adapter with Dual SIM Slots . However, I am looking for a 5G module that can be used with a compact USB adapter. Any suggests for an adapter that would work with the EM9191? Or, a different module that I could use instead? Thanks.

Will you consider the EM9 development kit?

Thank you. I did see the dev kit online as well. I was looking for something more compact for a portable proof of concept. Would you have any suggestions for that?

i checked the link you shared, there is some recommendation for EM91

Thanks. It looked like a larger module from the initial picture but we may be able to make it work.