EM7455 with EM9190 Dev Kit

I would like to know if it is possible to run the EM7455 on the EM9190 Dev Kit Board (5304832)?
I already did a surprisingly easy commissioning with the EM9291 and the EM9191 Modules.
In the Dev Kit Manual is written that it supports x55 or newer but I can’t the a reason why the 7455 should run as well.

I’m quiet new to this so please be gentle.
Thanks in advance for any kind response.

Hi @thomas-werner.breuer,

Welcome to our community!

You cannot use the EM7455 on the EM9190 Dev kit board.
Please refer to the documentation for the EM7455 Dev kit at the following link: AirPrime - EM Series - USB3 - Development Kit Quick Start Guide