EM7345 IPEX-Connectors


Hello everyone,

I was wondering what exact connectors for antennas the EM7345 has, are those IPEX MHF5 connectors? I have MHF4 connectors around and they’re too big actually, and I did not find any information anywhere accessable.

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Hi Steven,

Did you check the product specs document on https://source.sierrawireless.com?


Have you looked at the link you posted? The device is not listed there.


I did check the source, but since the EM7345 is not listed, there was no information to get, that’s why I’m asking around here :wink:


Hi Steven,

Requirement for the connector of the antenna cable is I-PEX MHF4 or equivalent.
This is the info I got from the Product Technical Specification.

I hope it helps


hi @bbo
That’s weird, I have an mhf4 cable and it doesn’t fit. it’s actually too big . I got the Delock 88419, which does not fit the antenna-connectors of the module:

I found another one, but I’m not sure if it fits:

however, I keep searching :eyes:


Alright I see, the ones I got are just MHF, not MHF4. Guess I know which way to go now, thanks to all of you for replying and have a great day :raising_hand_man: