Port to send SMS!


anyone know how can i set a specific port to send SMS ? I have an application on mobile phone that listen to port 5000 only. How can use OpenAT to send SMS to that port ???


Surely this is to do with TCP/IP ?!

SMS has nothing to do with TCP/IP!

Do you mean you want an application that will receive a Text Message via SMS, and then forward the content to IP Port 5000?

Or what?

Have you seen this: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ht=sms+api

I didn´t say TCP port, but SMS port. I also never heard to say nothing about SMS port ! However it is true !. In j2me application is possible to use this feature, there is possible to send SMS using mobile:port. That application i saw, will listen to SMS in specific port to capture it.


True - you didn’t explain what you meant by “port” at all!

You just said, “port 5000”

So, yes - I did rather jump to the conclusion that you were talking about TCP (or UDP) ports.

OK, no more jumping to conclusions - what do you mean by “SMS port” here??

So clearly that has some specific meaning in j2me?

Open-AT is ANSI ‘C’ - not j2me.

Again, what do you mean by “specific port” here??


look that site and see what is my problem :

forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?f … dID=575772

thank you


The concept of “ports” there is entirely within J2ME - it has nothing to do with Open-AT.

As far as Open-AT is concerned, SMS messages are sent to and received from Phone Numbers - it’s all done by the ADL SMS Service, or you can just use the standard AT Commands

OK, thank you…
i see that i can´t solve this problem !!!
My app written in openAT can´t send SMS to app in mobile written in j2me !!


No, that’s not true.

As far as GSM is concerned, SMS messages are only ever set to phone numbers - this whole “port” stuff is purely a J2ME abstraction.

You can write an Open-AT application to send an SMS to your mobile - that has nothing whatsoever to do with how the J2ME application might handle it…

It works exactly the same in the other direction: J2ME knows nothing at all about how an Open-AT or any other sort of application might handle received SMS messsages - it must just send the message to the phone number!

You need to study your J2ME manuals to determine how to handle incoming SMS messages from non-J2ME applications…

An analogy:

A PC refers to its RS232 interfaces as “COM Ports”, and provides APIs for dealing with these “COM Ports”.

But “COM Ports” are purely an internal representation for the PC - they have no meaning to any other device that might connect to the PC’s RS232 interface…

eg, a modem cannot tell whether it’s connected to a PC’s “COM port”, or a printer’s serial interface, or a dumb terminal, or anything else - all it knows is that it’s an RS232 interface.

And so it is with SMS: a mobile phone or GSM module just sends SMS messages - without knowing (or needing to know) whether they will be read manually by a person, or by some application via some notion of “ports” or any other sort of API…

thank you very much. I’m going to see about J2ME SMS !! I think so, you are all right.