Some explanation about sms fowarding


this question is not defined for wavecom products but it can help me a lot in some future learning.

I made some j2me application for my mobile phone.
J2me application should read incomming sms but the problem is that each incomming sms is readed with standard mobile phone application before i can read the same sms with my application. I other words, there is nothing to read.

Is there some way to pass incomming sms to my application so i can save/edit sms in my application ?

You’ll have to look that up in your J2ME Manuals - possibly also in the specific Manuals for your particular phone(s)…

Hi Awneil !

This is not the problem with j2me.
I need to find the way how to lunch my application before mobile phone start his own. I dont know if this is possilbe becuse of original (manufacture) software on mobile phones.