Port forwarding problem


I have some problem while configuring port forwarding. I need to configure it to access PTZ Axis camera on the LAN network of the router. It is configured to static IP while the router is
Camera is supporting both 443 and 80 ports.
I want to access the router and camera through it’s cellular interface with public IP. (For now I can access only the router so the cellular connection itself is configured properly)
I use XR60. Is there sth wrong with my configuration or maybe I’m missing sth?

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Hi @konrad.marek.chrosto,

  • Is your camera connected to the XR60 via the Ethernet port?
  • Could you please share a screenshot of the Status / Monitoring > Networking > Neighbor section? From the XR60, can you ping the camera’s IP?
  • When you configure the two ports in the Forward to Port section, does it show up in the Status like the attached image? Please try deleting one port in the Forward to Port section to see if you can access it.