Port forwarding is not working on RV55

Hi all,

I have a computer connected to RV55 and it has internet connection.

RV55 IP:
Computer IP:
Computer Gateway:
SSH Server port: 22

When I define a port forwarding rule it does not work.

Public Start Port: 10011
Public End Port: 0
Protocol: TCP & UDP
Host IP:
Private Start Port: 22

The computer has a noip service running to make a dynamic DNS. It is working well because it returns the public ip of the computer correctly.

If I try the correct ssh comand from another computer on another network, nothing happen:

ssh -p 10011 user@dnsname

If I type another port it tells me connection refused and if I type another dns name it tells me ‘Name or service not known’. This means that the above command is correct and the request is arriving, right?

So, what is the problem in this deployment? I need help because I have no idea what could be happening…

Thank you.

Hi david.moreno,

What firmware version are you using? If you are not on the latest firmware, please download the latest one (ALEOS and retry. AirLink RV55 Firmware Packages
Can you Ping another computer from RV55?

Can you use ping.eu to check that public IP really works?

Please capture ALEOS logs along with the IP Logging. Use the appropriate command for the type of connection that the customer is using with ACEManager (http or https) Iplogging_cmds.txt (140 Bytes)
How to set up IP Logging.docx (104.5 KB)
Could you help to share the configuration template file on RV55?

Other solution:
You can configure the DMZ to SSH to another computer:
Go to Security tab of ACE manager → enable DMZ → enter another computer’s IP in DMZ Host IP. Disable port forwarding.
Apply and reboot
ssh user@IPAddress -p 22

Not sure if RV55 software is same as RV50 (I am familiar with RV50 but not RV55).
Check Services - AT (Telnet/ssh). Default setting is Telnet not SSH.
Also, in same menu, ensure the port number for SSH is ‘22’ - the default might be 2332 (it is this value on RV50).

It’s best to confirm local (LAN) operation before trying a WAN connection.