Password for Plug-In?

I have recently bought the C-GPS Dev kit. I am tying to enable this plugin on my Q2686, but can’t seem to do it without a password. Can anybody answer me why I need to supply a password to enable this plugin for my module? I understand the need to enable it, but a password? What’s the point? Why would I need to go through my FAE in order to enable a plugin. Does Wavecom need this in order to keep track? Sorry for all the questions, but I just don’t understand the logic behind this.


It is extra functionality that they want you to pay for.
Could be for reasons beyond Wavecom’s control, or they’re just greedy.

A code will only work with the IMEI number the code was created for, so you can’t enable several modules with the same code, unless you want several units with the same IMEI number…

Thanks for the response, but…
I think I am even more confused now. I am still waiting on my password for my FIRST module and you are telling me I need individual passwords for every single module?

You think they get a cut from Eride, hence the password to keep track? Can you buy the modules with these features already enabled?

If you want several modules activated I think you need to ask your distributor to get you preactivated modules.

This is just my understanding though.

I appreciate your input. I am going to talk to my distributor and get it worked out. I just wanted other people insight and opinions.


For all “optional” Plug-Ins including the Internet Plug-In, C-GPS Plug-In, Bluetooth Plug-In (and more to come), there is a premium to be paid on the Wireless CPU device you purchase that option with, whether it be a Plug & Play device, a Quik device or a Wireless Microprocessor. It’s not so much about greed :wink: but the fact that the initial development and continuous maintenance and feature upgrade of these Plug-Ins represents a significant investment for Wavecom and believe it only to be fair to be rewarded for that investment. You can of course disagree! So, it’s best to purchase the right option with the right device when you know what you want to develop. This will be made easier with a new Online Product Catalogue which is going to be released in the next few weeks.