Gsm/gps hardware suggestion



I need to make one project with gps but i want to expand this with gsm part
( SMS, Voice ), so i need suggestion what wavecom product would best suit my needs.

Thank you.


With any normal supplier, you’d just go to their website and look at the ‘Products’ section.

But not Wavecom!
Go to and there is no direct link to a ‘Products’ section! :open_mouth: :unamused:

But try these: … ionsSheets … publicArea


Yes, strange, isn’t it ?

I saw some products but what would you suggest ( from your own epinion ) ?

Could i use standard q2687 / 86 modul ?


For a new project, i think the best is that. The 24NG is only for to expand the availabilty of the old 24 generation platform. The new developments will be on the q26 platform. ( q2686, q2687, wireless processor )

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And, luckily, there is a commitment that it will be available for several years (10 iirc).



Yes you can use a Q26 with the C-GPS plug-in and an eRide GPS


Did you use those plug-ins and can you tell me more about it ?


You can ask for more detail to your distributor.

You’ll find more information in the folders of the SDK, in the plug-in directory, there is a specific C-GPS one, with sample program.

Look into the product area of Wavecom web site, and go to C-GPS.


What about maps and tracking per internet ( displaying real time position on map ) ?

Can i use such modules in some moisture environment ?