Orange France parameters

Hi all,

Does anyone know the GPRS and SMTP parameters for Orange France ??
Like APN , SMTP server, what to use in username and password field ??

If you have for another operator(Bouyges, SFR) do post that also.


Hello -Jiten-

I know one generic APN (only for standard access):

Username: orange
Password: orange

But if this one works for your SIM subscription I dont know.


Thanks snooze.

I found out the parameters here are they:

Orange GPRS:
APN : “
UserName : “orange”
Password : “orange”

Orange SMTP:
Server : “
Username : “”
Password : “”

Bouygtel GPRS:
APN : “
UserName : “”
Password : “”

Bouygtel SMTP:
Server : “
Username : “”
Password : “”


I dont have SFR parameters :frowning:


For my own I use APN=orange-mib Login=mportail Pass=mib

I thought this forum was intended to be for the specific offer that Wavecom provide for the Orange M2M Connect solution (as opposed to generic GPRS access) and I found tons of info here about the Orange system:

I believe that Wavecom provide M2M Connect enabled modules that take advantage of this architecture but know nothing about it.