Apn server, user name and password


I have an apn name sandbox and a user name 2399 and a password test
I assign this to at+apnserv=“sandbox” and at+apnun=“2399” and at+apnpw=“test”
we I try to start my connection it gives a message that my gprs apn settings are incorrect. What am I doing wrong??? :angry:


hello [color=blue]delene,

PLZ provide more details…

Some questions that popped into my mind after reading your post:

[color=red]Q1: Are you using a Wavecom provided TCP/IP stack or have you implemented the commands yourself using OpenAT and TCP/IP lib?

[color=red]Q2: What hardware/software are you using?

[color=red]Q3: What have you done exactly (configuration) after power on?

[color=red]Q4: What exactly are the error codes?

[color=red]Q5: Can you confirm that your SIM is activated and fully working (is it working with another ME)?



Problem solved. The company that provided me with the apnserver had forgotten to enable the username and pass word. That was why I couldnt connect.

Thanks for the help