OpenVPN Connection to CloudConnexa

I am trying to get some RV50x modems to connect to CloudConnexa as openVPN clients.

I have been able to get them setup by breaking the *.ovpn file apart and saving each part as a *.pem. I can go to the cloudconnexa dashboard and see the modem connected and it shows connected within Acemanager.

But within 1 minute or so a second connection from the same device shows up on cloudconnexa’s side. Then cloudconnxa breaks the connection because it is illegal to have two connections from the same device. This results in the modem reconnecting every minute or so.

I talked with Cloudconnexa and they said this may be related to having both ipv4 and ipv6 enabled. In looking at the log files, it appears they are both active. I know of lines I can add to the openvpn config file on the RV50x to tell it to not use ipv6. But I cannot get to anything like that on the RV50x.

So, is there any way to get to that config file or another way to disable ipv6 for the openvpn connections?