Open AT Suite 2.0 Beta

Has anyone tried it out yet?
It has firmware 7.0, so I’ve tried to install it (by downloading the downloader first and then download FSU_002 file after) and wavecom returned “error” for most of the AT commands, except for the very basic AT commands, like AT+WDWL.
Does anyone know what the difference between FSU_001 and FSU_002 is?
How about w.dwl file?

You must use DwlWin for the upgrade. ( I presume you are updating from OS 6.6x ).
Check the release note in the beta package for more info.

Beware of the Bus API! See:

Other new/modified APIs may not work in this beta. I recommend that you should wait for the final release.


Where can I find the DWLWIN tool for upgrading the firmware? At least I couldn’t see it on the website.

I can actually see DWL WIN folder under tools on the website, which I couldn’t see before for sure. However, I can’t seem to download it; there’s no link or + sign to even expand on it. Any ideas?

You should get it from your distributor. I think there is not a clear policy who can use the Dwlwin, but obviously there is no point putting the OASIS 2.0 on the server without the Dwlwin tool, because you cannot use it without it…